New Website Coming Soon

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Brand New Website coming soon.

I’m very excited about my brand new website coming in early June. This site will be really cool and very modern. Complete with newsletter capability, Tour Dates, Lots of videos, MP3’s, Blog, full Merchandise shop, Download giveaways, Even signed electric guitar giveaway!! Photos, News, my equipment page and videos showing you my Axes and guitar amps etc Plus it will be all interlinked with my Social Media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and more.

Watch this Space :-)

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Irish Tour 2018

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Very Much looking forward to this. I always love playing on the home turf :-)

Eamonn McCormack

Tour Dates Oct. & Nov. 2017

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Tour with band (Jonathan Noyce Bass & Darrin Mooney Drums (Ex. Gary Moore)

15 oktober – Texel  blues    NL

20 october – Riegen, Vinna  A

23 october – Rockhouse, Salzburg A

Tour supporting Tommy Castro – Eamonn McCormack solo
15 november – Spirit of 66, Verviers B
16 november – Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden NL
17 november – Mezz, Breda NL
18 november – Roepaen, Ottersum NL
20 november – Kofferfabrik, Fürth D
21 november – Schlachthof, Soest D
22 november – Meisenfrei, Bremen D
23 november – Musik & Frieden, Berlin D
24 november – Yard Club, Köln D
25 november – Blue Notez, Dortmund D